Be More Than An Ethical Bystander: Become a Healthcare Whistleblower

With each New Year comes an avalanche of resolutions. We start afresh and then ease back into our old habits as the months pass. The year is no longer new. As we take stock this first month of the year, consider what is going on around us. The American people with their calls, emails and faxes successfully killed a recent attempt to “reign in” the independent Office of Congressional Ethics. Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) said:

The calls we’ve gotten… surprised me, meaning the numbers of calls. People are just sick and tired.” Donald Trump sealed its demise tweeting in pertinent part, “With all that Congress has to work on, do they have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog…their number one act and priority…

The False Claims Act gives power to whistleblowers to help end fraud and abuse.  There are rewards set out in the statute as well as protections for whistleblowers. Nolan Auerbach & White represents only healthcare fraud whistleblowers against those who betray the public fisc. We can assess your potential case to help you decide whether you want to make this year the year you are ready to be more than an ethical bystander.  Doing the right thing matters.