District of Columbia Healthcare Fraud/Medicare Fraud Enforcement

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In District of Columbia, major healthcare fraud is civilly and criminally prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and the District’s own Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

The federal government sometimes accomplishes this task with the assistance of the D.C. Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU). The MFCU takes the responsibility of stopping fraud very seriously and is often assisted in its efforts by the bravery and actions of whistleblowers.

Modeled after the federal False Claims Act, the District of Columbia False Claims Act permits private citizens to bring qui tam actions on behalf of the State of District of Columbia to recover treble damages and civil penalties. District of Columbia Procurement Reform Amendment Act, D.C. Code § 2-308.13 et seq.

Nolan Auerbach & White represents whistleblowers in federal court only. We will bring cases on behalf of whistleblowers under the District of Columbia qui tam statute as part of an action under the federal False Claims Act. We do so under the Court’s pendent jurisdiction.

The liability provisions of the D.C. False Claims Act, D.C. Code § 2-308.14(a), provide that no person shall:

(1) knowingly presents, or causes to be presented, to an officer or employee of the District a false claim for payment or approval;

(2) knowingly makes, uses, or causes to: be made or used, a false record or statement to get a false claim paid or approved by the District;

(3) conspires to defraud the District by getting a false claim allowed or paid by the District;


(8)  is the beneficiary of an inadvertent submission of a false claim to the District, subsequently discovers the falsity of the claim, and fails to disclose the false claim to the District.