3 Case Requirements

Healthcare Fraud

We are interested in improper billing or other fraudulent conduct involving misrepresentations to Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare. Kickbacks and misleading marketing are included.

Employee Fraud

In our experience , current or former employees are in the best positions to bring successful whistleblower cases. 150 is the minimum number of employees in the company that is engaging in the fraud. Anything less makes recovery less likely in our opinion.

Amount of Fraud

We encourage whistleblowers with knowledge of improper claims that exceed 15 million.

Only 1

Law Firm

We are the first and still the only (to our knowledge) Exclusively Healthcare Fraud Qui Tam Law Firm in the Nation.

6 Years

To Review Damages

The statute includes conduct from 6 years ago through the present.


Even 1 Patient Harmed

Highly motivates us to get involved and help.

Unlimited Dollar Equivalent

Effectuating positive change has no monetary equivalent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I contact your law firm?

Because you are more than just a client. Because of our depth of experience and long history of success. Because our reputation is stellar. Because Healthcare Fraud cases on behalf of whistleblowers is all we do and all we have exclusively done for years.

How much will I make?

We cannot guarantee anything, but we will deliver on this promise: we will give you feedback and a prognosis within 48 hours of your submission of all details to us. We are the first healthcare fraud qui tam law firm, and have been doing only healthcare fraud whistleblower lawsuits for decades-so you can expect as accurate a picture as is possible.

Are my communications with you confidential?

They are 100% confidential. If we do not take your case, your information becomes inaccessible. We have no interest in it. Besides, it is protected by the attorney-client privilege under our lawyer regulations, and we would lose our license if we were to disclose one iota of information about you or your potential case.

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