Fewer Cases

The fewer cases we take on, the more time we will have to devote to the cases that we have accepted. We are on a journey with our clients, and that means receiving our full attention, energy and devotion- anything less is unacceptable.

Am I a good fit for Nolan, Auerbach and White, LLP?

We are very selective in the cases we take. Bringing the case must, first and foremost,  be in your personal best interest. It must also be a worthwhile endeavor to both investigate and prosecute the case for both our law firm and the Government. We will give you feedback on all of these considerations prior to formalizing any attorney-client relationship with you. We are also very careful about the clients we accept. If you are passionate about people and patient interests, want to see change, have been transparent with your employer and with us, then you are what we call “amazing people.” We want to represent amazing people, with solid cases, who want to see change happen in healthcare. Are you?

“The firm has a great team of brilliant minds that work together.”

James Conrad, Former Director of Program Integrity at CMS, and Former FBI Health Care Fraud Analyst

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