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The Whistleblower Firm of Nolan, Auerbach & White is a Medicare Fraud Law Firm with lawyers helping whistleblower clients who courageously report fraudulent behavior, including False Claims Act violations of the Medicare Part D program.


With over 25 years of experience, Whistleblowers reporting abuses can confidently call on our Medicare Fraud Attorneys.

Have You Witnessed Medicare Part D Fraud?

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Protecting The Medicare Part D Fraud Whistleblower

Potential whistleblowers are protected. If you work for a company or organization that you believe to be defrauding the government, you are protected by law from employer retaliation when you file a qui tam lawsuit.

The purpose of the Qui Tam provisions of the False Claims Act is to encourage private individuals aware of Medicare Part D Fraud or other violations to bring such information forward and partner with the Government, by providing for reward provisions and protected status. Our experienced team of Medicare Part D Fraud Lawyers can help.

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Reward Incentives for Whistleblowers

The Whistleblower Firm of Nolan Auerbach & White has contributed to the recovery of fraudulent healthcare funds for more than 25 years. Our past clients are heroes who have stepped forward to help correct wrongdoing and have contributed to the recovery of over $2 billion to the government fisc.

For many Medicare Part D Fraud Whistleblowers, it may be possible to collect a percentage of what has been recovered as an award for your crucial service. Whistleblower rewards for Medicare vary from 15-30 percent of the amount collected.

The Whistleblower Firm provides whistleblower heroes with all the support necessary to effectively expose fraud, partnering with attorneys, investigators, Government attorneys, and Agencies to expose Medicare Part D fraud.


What Is Medicare Part D Fraud?

Medicare Part D fraud often results in a violation of the False Claims Act. The Medicare Part D fraud lawyers at Nolan, Auerbach, and White represent whistleblowers in healthcare fraud cases across the country.

Potential violations of Medicare Part D in many whistleblower cases include:

  • Submitting claims for non-covered drugs
  • Submitting multiple, duplicative claims
  • Off-label marketing by pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Submitting false documentation or claims for drugs not provided
  • Submitting claims for brand-name drugs when generic drugs were dispensed.
  • Failure to apply the appropriate pricing and rebate calculations under the Medicaid Rebate Program and the Medicare Program.
  • Unlawful kickbacks provided to doctors, to a dispensing provider, or to the Part D Plan itself.

If you or someone you know has become aware of any fraud arising out of the Part D program, our firm of Medicare Part D Fraud Lawyers is here to help answer your important questions, provide you with feedback, and possibly represent you to the extent your case is viable and bringing such a case is in your best interest.

How To Report Medicare Part D Fraud

Our Medicare Part D Fraud Law Firm is intimately familiar with the various ways in which healthcare fraud occurs within Medicare.

When you complete our confidential Medicare Fraud report form, we will respond to you within 24 hours if your description of the fraud fits within our case requirements.

As a potential client, you are encouraged to take the following initial steps in support of possibly bringing a case:

  • Gather documentation – Be sure not to violate any company policies or procedures. Only photocopy, download, or take any documents or materials you are entitled to view.
  • Describe the fraud in a short statement – The sooner this is done, the better, since in some cases, it may take years before you are called to testify to these details.
  • Create a list of all relevant documents not in your possession

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Medicare Part D Overview

Until the Medicare Part D benefit was implemented in 2006, Medicare beneficiaries had access to a limited number of prescription drugs through the Medicare Part B benefit. With Medicare Part D, all Medicare beneficiaries have access to the Medicare drug benefit through private plans approved by CMS. The drug benefit is offered through stand-alone prescription drug plans (PDPs) and Medicare Advantage prescription drug (MA-PD) plans. Part D is a market model, transferring risk to private plan sponsors, which then act as the insurers for Part D benefits.

Identifying Medicare Part D Fraud with MEDICs

Through Medicare Drug Integrity Contractors, or “MEDICs,” CMS developed a strategy to investigate and recommend prosecution for Part D fraud and abuse. MEDICs’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fulfilling requests for information from law enforcement agencies
  • Investigating potential Part D fraud and abuse
  • Referring cases and making immediate advisements regarding potential Part C and Part D fraud and abuse to the Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Recommending appropriate administrative actions to CMS
  • Identifying program vulnerabilities
  • Auditing the fraud waste and abuse programs that are part of plan sponsors’ compliance plans.

Our Qui Tam Law Firm representing whistleblowers has the experience to discuss in-depth areas of fraud. Additional schemes our Medicare Part D fraud lawyers encourage whistleblowers to report include but are not limited to:

Nolan Auerbach and White

Contact a Medicare Part D Fraud Law Firm Representing Whistleblowers

If you’ve become aware of Medicare Part D fraud and want experienced representation, please do not hesitate to contact us as a first step to understanding the process and your place within it. We offer a free consultation within 24 hours if your case fits within our case requirements. As soon as you complete our Contact Form, our Medicare Part D Fraud attorneys will review your submission.

If you would like more information about Part D violations or other potential whistleblower matters and whistleblower protection, complete this online form, and we will respond the same day. You can also give Nolan, Auerbach, and White and our experienced team of Qui Tam Medicare Part D fraud lawyers a call today at 800-372-8304.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Part-D Fraud Lawsuits

Are Rewards Available for Reporting Medicare Part D Fraud?


Yes, when a whistleblower reports Medicare Fraud through a qui tam case, rewards are available, typically ranging between 15-30 percent of the amount collected. Our whistleblower law firm will evaluate your potential case to determine liability and damages.

How Big of a Problem is Medicare Fraud in the USA?


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has estimated that 6.27 percent of payments in 2020 were improper, costing the government approximately $25.74 billion. Contact our Medicare Part D Fraud attorneys to learn how you can correct these wrongdoings as a courageous whistleblower.

What Is the Definition of Medicare Abuse?


When practices contribute either directly or indirectly to unjustified costs to the Medicare Program, Medicare abuse occurs. This covers a wide range of fraud that could involve Medicare Parts A-D. If you are aware of potential Medicare fraud and abuse, contact our Medicare Fraud Law Firm.

Kathleen Hawkins

Dignity Health
$37 million

Kathleen Hawkins, RN MSN, had been employed by Defendant, Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) for approximately 6 years when she decided she had had enough of trying to change the hospital system from within.

CHW, a California not-for-profit corporation that operated hospitals in California, Arizona, and Nevada, was at the time the eighth largest hospital system in the nation and the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in California.


Joe Strom

Johnson & Johnson
$184 Million

Joe Strom contacted us in 2005. We were very grateful that he did. We immediately formed an all-star legal team and a process to stop a very harmful pharmaceutical marketing strategy. It was this process we set into motion that ultimately returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the U.S. Treasury, and a portion of that, very well-deserved, into Joe’s bank account.

Joe told us a very troubling story about the off-label promotion of a pharmaceutical drug for patients who already suffered from chronic heart failure.


Bruce A. Moilan Sr.

$27 Million

Bruce Moilan was a seasoned hospital systems expert by the time he contacted our Firm. At the time he decided to file his qui tam lawsuit, he was employed by South Texas Health System as a System Director for Materials Management. In this position, he oversaw $24 million in annual purchases of supplies and equipment and helped determine budget, reduction and cost analysis throughout the contract bidding and negotiations process. His job was to insure proper implementation for purchasing, receiving and management of inventory, for McAllen Hospitals, L.P.


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