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Where do I start and who do I turn to for help?

You have already started. You are considering our Firm. You can continue by completing our short Form Questionnaire. It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. By your answers, we can initially determine the extent to which we can provide optimal representation- we assess whether the description of your case fits within our threshold requirements (nature of healthcare fraud, company defendant type, your position at the company, etc.). If your case potentially fits, we will personally contact you with 24 hours of your submission of the Form, to arrange further communication.

Will I be working with an attorney I can confide in, trust and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with throughout the lengthy process?

After initially contacting us, you will speak directly with partner Marcella Auerbach or Ken Nolan. Your communications are 100% confidential; strictly and unequivocally protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege. Not one iota of information can or will be disclosed by us to anyone without your express permission.

Will your law firm take a genuine interest in my situation and care about me?

Our review of your case demonstrates our genuine interest. If we believe we can provide you with optimal representation, we will tell you that (or tell you we cannot). We are very protective of our clients and are passionate about reaching our common goals. We approach representation holistically, treating both you and your legal issues as one, and not in isolation. 

Is your law firm from the highest tier of Qui Tam Law practice with decades of experience and an untarnished reputation?

Yes. We encourage you to get to know us and our Firm. For us, and for you, the more you know the better. Proceeding with a qui tam case is an extremely important and serious undertaking for you as well as our law firm. 

Will your law firm help me form the ideal legal team to represent me?

Let us put it this way: after great deal of research and communication with you, we will carefully consider whether to undertake representation if and only if we believe that we can provide an ideal fit for you and your case, and vice-versa. We call this “optimal representation.” This often will involve the provision of the appropriate healthcare clinical and/or reimbursement experts, investigators, local counsel, co-counsel, and others, ensuring the ideal team for optimal qui tam representation for you and your case. If we do not feel we can provide you with excellent legal representation, we will not take your case.

Will the legal team care more about justice and my impact on society than the possible financial winnings?

Our law firm has been doing these cases for far longer than most. We will make every effort to maximize financial recovery for you, but we know that it is almost always important to achieve additional goals for you (to include exposing patient harm, help to change defendant or industry conduct, etc.). These are goals with which we ourselves are mindful of and are motivated to aggressively pursue on your behalf-standing shoulder to shoulder with you. We are truly qualified to help you achieve what we believe to be Maximum Whistleblower Impact SM (monetary recovery, industry change, whistleblower transformation).

Choose Your Advocate Wisely

The path of a qui tam whistleblower can be a life-changing marathon. Who you choose to prepare you and stand by you for that marathon can be the difference between finishing well or not finishing at all. Law firms vary in experience, skill and judgment as all professionals do. Choose wisely.

“The firm has a great team of brilliant minds that work together.”

— James Conrad, Former Director of Program Integrity at CMS, and Former FBI Health Care Fraud Analyst