Doing the Right Thing Matters

Our mission is derived from the desire to positively impact our clients, our communities, and our country. Members of our firm are involved in numerous civic and charitable causes. We strive to adhere to the highest ethical standards while helping our clients expose wrongdoing. We have received the most gratification in the past, where our clients’ cases not only contributed to the recovery of stolen tax dollars, but our clients’ heroic efforts also stopped and rectified ongoing patient harm. This has occurred in cases ranging from the off-label promotion of drugs or devices for uses that did not have efficacy, to defective devices and needless hospital admissions or surgical procedures created to drive revenue. Our firm mantra is “Doing the right thing matters,” and our unending goal is to ensure that justice prevails.

Kathleen Hawkins

Dignity Health
$37 million

Kathleen Hawkins, RN MSN, had been employed by Defendant, Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) for approximately 6 years when she decided she had had enough of trying to change the hospital system from within.

CHW, a California not-for-profit corporation that operated hospitals in California, Arizona, and Nevada, was at the time the eighth largest hospital system in the nation and the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in California.


Joe Strom

Johnson & Johnson
$184 Million

Joe Strom contacted us in 2005. We were very grateful that he did. We immediately formed an all-star legal team and a process to stop a very harmful pharmaceutical marketing strategy. It was this process we set into motion that ultimately returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the U.S. Treasury, and a portion of that, very well-deserved, into Joe’s bank account.

Joe told us a very troubling story about the off-label promotion of a pharmaceutical drug for patients who already suffered from chronic heart failure.


Bruce A. Moilan Sr.

$27 Million

Bruce Moilan was a seasoned hospital systems expert by the time he contacted our Firm. At the time he decided to file his qui tam lawsuit, he was employed by South Texas Health System as a System Director for Materials Management. In this position, he oversaw $24 million in annual purchases of supplies and equipment and helped determine budget, reduction and cost analysis throughout the contract bidding and negotiations process. His job was to insure proper implementation for purchasing, receiving and management of inventory, for McAllen Hospitals, L.P.


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