Healthcare Fraud Doesn’t Only Affect the Federal Fisc

According to the FBI, rooting out health care fraud is central to the well- being of both our citizens and the overall economy.  Not only does fraud cost the United States tens of billions of dollars each year, it continues to be a rising domestic threat.  Why?  The cost of health care is expected to exceed $3 trillion in 2014, with spending outpacing inflation.  Healthcare fraud includes false claims associated with medical care or services, medical diagnosis and treatment, drugs and biologicals, supplies, appliances, and medical equipment.

OUR PROMISE Being a healthcare whistleblower can feel like David taking on Goliath. We help level the playing field.

Our law practice is dedicated exclusively to representing healthcare whistleblowers who are willing to take a stand against unscrupulous corporations that are ripping off our government. Whether the fraud involves __________, we pride ourselves on unparalleled level of service, support and legal assistance for our clients.
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