Whistleblower Motivations

Nolan Auerbach & White 3 named partners themselves have collectively has represented the interests of whistleblowers for over 50 years! Thousands of potential healthcare whistleblowers have sought their counsel.

What motivates these courageous individuals to step up and seek to expose fraud? What drives those individuals to reach outside of their employers’ walls? The concerns and considerations may vary, but we have found the underlying motivations are largely the same:

  1. Patient Safety. The company is jeopardizing the health and safety of an unsuspecting patient population, but the whistleblower’s concern for people sounds the alarm and thrusts her forward as a protector.
  2. Patriotism. Corporate schemes are fraudulently targeting government programs, but the whistleblower’s love for the country inspires them to protect America’s limited resources.
  3. Corporate Loyalty. The company is hijacked by a dishonest management team, but the whistleblower’s devotion to the company pushes for efforts to place it back on a virtuous track.
  4. Ethics. Corporate directives are pushing employees toward dishonesty, but the whistleblower’s moral compass directs him down a different path.
  5. Family. Senior managers conjure up business plan frauds, but the whistleblower seeks to inspire her family by living a life of value and integrity.

OUR PROMISE Being a healthcare whistleblower can feel like David taking on Goliath. We help level the playing field.

Our law practice is dedicated exclusively to representing healthcare whistleblowers who are willing to take a stand against unscrupulous corporations that are ripping off our government. Whether the fraud involves __________, we pride ourselves on unparalleled level of service, support and legal assistance for our clients.
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