10 Things Medicare Won’t Tell You

10 Things Medicare Won’t Tell You
December 20, 2011

As the so-called “baby boomer generation” ages into Medicare, the monetary impact of healthcare fraud escalates. This worsening financial maelstrom has caught the eye of the news media. Smartmoney.com turned to Nolan Auerbach partner Kenneth Nolan for a primer on some of the common Medicare fraud schemes. One of the costliest Medicare fraud schemes involves pharmaceutical or medical technology companies “knowingly selling unsafe or ineffective pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, devices and other technologies,” said Mr. Nolan. “Medicare is susceptible to fraud not only because of its size and complexity, but because the system itself makes it easy to defraud the government,” stressed Mr. Nolan. “Most of the scrutiny, if any, is made after payment is made — not before as in traditional business transactions.”

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