Typical Healthcare Fraud Whistleblowers

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EMPLOYEES:  A current or former employee who blows the whistle on his or her employer is one of the most common types of qui tam plaintiffs. Detecting fraud is usually very difficult, absent the cooperation of an insider close to the fraudulent activity. Without insiders, proof of fraud can occur by circumstantial evidence only. It is for this reason why employee whistleblowers are so important — they can explain the who, what, where and when of the alleged fraud.

COMPETITORS AND SUBCONTRACTORS: A less common category of whistleblower comes from a subcontractor competitor of the company committing the fraud.

INDUSTRY EXPERTS: Industry experts have successfully brought Medicare Fraud qui tam lawsuits. Their understanding of the industry, and special expertise in a given field, helps them to put together necessary facts and documents to appropriately expose the healthcare fraud.

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