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Established over 25 years ago, the Healthcare Fraud Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Nolan Auerbach & White have made their mark as the Healthcare Whistleblower Law Firm. The Whistleblower Firm has helped generate more than $2 billion in combined civil and criminal recoveries related to our clients’ cases. 


If you are aware of Healthcare Fraud, including Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud, Tricare Fraud or HRSA fraud, in Florida or anywhere else in the U.S, our Healthcare Fraud Attorneys can help. 

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Are You Aware of Healthcare Fraud in Florida or Elsewhere

If you’ve become aware of Healthcare Fraud in Florida or the United States, our team of experienced Florida Qui Tam Lawyers can evaluate your potential case and provide initial feedback and guidance. Since the False Claims Act was revitalized in 1986, Nolan Auerbach & White has played a part in the Governments’  recovery of over $6 billion collected and returned to taxpayers from civil and criminal healthcare fraud cases brought by heroic whistleblowers nationwide.

Deadline File a Qui Tam Lawsuit

Generally, the False Claims Act provides for a six-year statute of limitations within which to bring a qui tam lawsuit. In limited circumstances, it can be up to a ten-year statute of limitations for Whistleblowers to bring a qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act.

Healthcare Fraud Lawyers - Whistleblower Firm

Who Can Be Represented? Heroic Principled Whistleblowers

Under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act, private individuals are able to receive a percentage of the entire recovery made in a successful case. Our Whistleblower heroes come from various backgrounds within healthcare settings. We have represented a broad array of professionals, to include doctors, CEOs, CFOs, sales managers, VP of sales, VP of marketing, medical directors, lab analysts, compliance officers, sales managers, and so many more; essentially, anyone within the healthcare industry that has first-hand knowledge of fraud we represent.

Typical Healthcare Fraud Whistleblowers are employees or independent contractors of the Defendant, but they can also sometimes be competitors and other individuals who atypically became involved with the potential Defendant such that they learned of the fraud firsthand, and became aware of evidence substantiating the fraud.

Our Florida Healthcare Fraud Law Firm

At the Whistleblower Firm, we protect heroic healthcare fraud whistleblowers to expose violations of the False Claims Act and if applicable, pursue Defendants for retaliation. Some of these violations include, but are not limited to: billing for services not rendered, upcoding, unbundling, illegal healthcare kickbacks, and billing for services not medically necessary, safety or efficacy misrepresentations, CGMP non-compliance, manufacturing deficiencies, and hundreds of other scenarios.

Our whistleblower law firm in Florida has represented clients in all categories of Healthcare Fraud, including:

Our representation is broad in scale for nearly all types of healthcare fraud whistleblower cases. We encourage you to initiate a free and confidential review of your claims to determine a fit for legal representation by Nolan, Auerbach & White. 


Florida Healthcare Whistleblower Rewards

Whether brought by residents of the state of Florida or elsewhere across the country, Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Rewards for relators are between 15%-30% of the recovered funds.

Heroic Whistleblowers like Joe Strom, Bruce A. Moilan Sr. & Kathleen Hawkins all chose to take a bold step forward and expose corruption in the healthcare industry. Their courageous decision led to contributions toward the health and welfare of patients and hospital systems across the country.

Here are some of our cases fought & won in Florida and nationwide: 

Dingus vs. Odyssey Healthcare, Inc.

  • Plaintiff: Former Executive Director for Odyssey Healthcare, Inc. 
  • Case Allegations: Defendant submitted false claims to Medicare for continuous home care services under the hospice benefit that were not provided in accordance with the requirements of the Medicare Program. 
  • Case recovered: $25 million 

Wu vs Alere, Inc., et al.

  • Plaintiff: Former Senior Process Analyst for Alere
  • Case AllegationsDefendant, a  diagnostic medical device manufacturer, knowingly caused the submission of false or fraudulent claims for its Triage and other devices to Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and the VA. 
  • Case recovered: Over $33 million 

See our list of notable cases for details on other clients we have fought for.

Florida Healthcare Whistleblowers are Protected from Retaliation

The FCA is specifically designed to encourage citizens to report fraud and to also provide monetary recourse for retaliatory actions. This protection also extends to certain non-employees.

If you have been demoted, suspended, fired, threatened, or otherwise discriminated against because you made your employer aware of its potentially illegal conduct and violations of the False Claims Act, you may have recourse under the retaliatory provisions of the False Claims Act.

Scheduling a free review of your case with our Florida Whistleblower Qui Tam lawyers is a confidential way to get started. 

Learn More: Whistleblower Protection

Florida False Claims Act – Whistleblower Lawsuits

Each state has the opportunity to adopt its own version of the False Claims Act. In 1994, the State of Florida enacted The Florida False Claims Act (FFCA) –  Florida Statutes §§ 68.081-.09, which statute substantially mirrors the federal FCA applicable to State of Florida funds such as those expended by Florida to support its Medicaid program. Thus, the Florida statute includes the right to a percentage of recoveries and recourse for whistleblower retaliation.  

How Our Florida Healthcare Whistleblower Attorneys Can Help

At Nolan Auerbach & White, the original Healthcare FraudQui Tam law firm, we know and understand your plight as an employee trying to correct the FCA violations within your company, and we know how to pursue a case to expose the fraud despite the complexities in the Medicare and other federally-funded healthcare rules and regulations. We have our whistleblowers’ backs, and always will.

Get in touch with our Florida Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawyers, who will carefully review the details of your case, work in complete confidentiality, and provide you with initial feedback. If at the end of the review process, it is appropriate and in your best interests to file a lawsuit, we will use the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act, to pursue violations. Applicable violations not only include coverage issues, they also include Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), and self-Referral Statute (Stark Law) violations of the law, just to name a few.


Healthcare Fraud Lawyers - Nolan Auerbach and White - The Whistleblower Firm

Frequently Asked Questions Healthcare Fraud Lawsuits in Florida

Is There A Reward for Whistleblowing In Florida?

Yes. A successful whistleblower who becomes a Relator in a Healthcare Fraud case is entitled to receive between 15%-30% of the total recovery from a Defendant. While the maximum amount is 30%, no cap exists under the False Claims Act to the total amount recovered to which the relator share percentage is applied. Many of our cases have been applied to cases involving tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars in total damages collected.

These Qui tam reward amount percentages, applied to the FCA, which advantageously allows private citizens and their attorneys to actually bring and litigate the claims, is in contrast to other less effective and weaker federal whistleblower programs, to include the Medicare Incentive Reward Program, which will only reward whistleblowers up to 10% of the amount recovered, or a maximum amount of $1000, whichever is less.

Are Kickbacks Illegal in Florida?

Yes. Medical providers are prohibited in many circumstances from taking illegal payments known as kickbacks. The Florida Anti-kickback Statute and other Florida and federal laws address practices that include illegal kickbacks, rebates, bribes, commissions, split-fee arrangements, and more.

What Is the Stark Law in Florida?

The Stark Law, also called the Physician Self-Referral Law, is a federal law that regulates the manners in which doctors can give referrals to their patients, receive referrals from hospitals, and similar arrangements that may violate the law and constitute healthcare fraud and abuse.

Florida Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawyers - Nolan Auerbach and White

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Kathleen Hawkins

Dignity Health
$37 million

Kathleen Hawkins, RN MSN, had been employed by Defendant, Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) for approximately 6 years when she decided she had had enough of trying to change the hospital system from within.

CHW, a California not-for-profit corporation that operated hospitals in California, Arizona, and Nevada, was at the time the eighth largest hospital system in the nation and the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in California.


Joe Strom

Johnson & Johnson
$184 Million

Joe Strom contacted us in 2005. We were very grateful that he did. We immediately formed an all-star legal team and a process to stop a very harmful pharmaceutical marketing strategy. It was this process we set into motion that ultimately returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the U.S. Treasury, and a portion of that, very well-deserved, into Joe’s bank account.

Joe told us a very troubling story about the off-label promotion of a pharmaceutical drug for patients who already suffered from chronic heart failure.


Bruce A. Moilan Sr.

$27 Million

Bruce Moilan was a seasoned hospital systems expert by the time he contacted our Firm. At the time he decided to file his qui tam lawsuit, he was employed by South Texas Health System as a System Director for Materials Management. In this position, he oversaw $24 million in annual purchases of supplies and equipment and helped determine budget, reduction and cost analysis throughout the contract bidding and negotiations process. His job was to insure proper implementation for purchasing, receiving and management of inventory, for McAllen Hospitals, L.P.


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